Hamilton Public School Indigenous students shirt design

Aboriginal students at Hamilton Public School were encouraged to submit artwork/designs to produce a limited number of shirts for Aboriginal students to wear. The successful artwork designs were selected by the Aboriginal Coordinator and by Aboriginal students’ votes.

Tyreece Grogan’s designs were selected for the project. His artist’s statement of works is outlined below.

Tyreece Grogan
Year 6 student

Three digitally designed images

I created three dot art images of a Fresh Water Goanna, Sea Hawk and Kangaroo. I chose to illustrate the Fresh Water Goanna and Sea Hawk as they are totems from my father’s country, Gunandji and Kuku Yalandji in Far North Queensland. I also included the Kangaroo as its a native animal and commonly used in Aboriginal artworks throughout Australia.

Contributed by Meredith Lindsay from Hamilton Public School. Published in 2019.