Free Spirit Art Gallery and Justiz

Free Spirit Art Gallery is an ethical marketing gallery representing over 70 local artists and craftspeople.

The majority of all sales are returned to the artist, and developing artists are assisted to develop their professional profile.

Based in the same location is Justiz Community. Justiz Community is a secular, not-for-profit registered charity and social justice agency operating in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast area of New South Wales. Justiz is dedicated to assisting vulnerable people of all ages to find their voice and pursue a socially just and inclusive community. Justiz programs recognise the richness and importance of Aboriginal peoples’ connection to land, country and community.

Free Spirit Aboriginal Art Gallery in Mayfield West.
Free Spirit Aboriginal Art Gallery in Mayfield West.

Elsie Randall

Elsie Randall is a talented Aboriginal artist whose artwork is regularly displayed in theĀ Free Spirit Aboriginal Art Gallery. Below is a selection of her artworks, some of which can be seen at the gallery.

Tree Of Life

This painting represents the tree of life contributing to ongoing good health through the quality of physical and emotional wellbeing. The eagle in the middle stump of the tree represents the Awabakal Nation on which the tree (the Calvary Mater Newcastle) stands.

The leaves are the people for whom the hospital provides treatment. The white is the light behind the tree to help strengthen good practice across all medical and specialist fields. The orange is the warmth and nurturing of clients, community and patients. The black dots in the tree stump, trunks and roots are the strong infrastructures/foundations of the hospital. Surrounding hands are the hospital staff and specialists. The circles are the strong collaborative support services/mechanisms that help keep the hospital standing strong and built on solid values and ethical principles.

Safe Birthing Place

This painting can be found at Maitland Hospital and represents a safe place to give birth that is culturally appropriate for all women, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mums-to-be from local and visiting tribal nations.

The circle in the middle is the nurturing, support and care all hospital staff provide to patients. The hands surrounding the pregnant woman and outside the circle are the hands of Biri-Li staff, doctors and midwives. The animals, birds and marine animals represent the different tribal areas serviced by the hospital, including the wedge-tailed eagle, the totem of the Wonaruah nation on which the hospital stands. The surrounding areas include the totems of neighbouring nations, Worimi (the Dolphin) and Awabakal (the Eagle). The circle dots are external support providers working in collaboration with the hospital. These supports are embedded deep within the root system.

Safe Birthing Place - Elsie Randall
Safe Birthing Place – Elsie Randall

The following corporate piece was created for One FACs Child Protection Unit, Central Coast NSW.


This piece was created by Elsie Randall, for the Australian Otitis Media Conference (OMOZ) 2016.

Story contributed by Elsie Randall from Free Spirit Art and Justiz. Published in 2016.